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Chaps & Chainsaws 2012

VICSES head back to Black Saturday


Seeing the wood for the trees

VICSES volunteers travelled back to Kinglake on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of May and to some of the areas so badly affected by the devastating Black Saturday bush fires.


Two years on and there is still so much to do

With Black Saturday now more than 2 years behind us, the memory of those dramatic and disastrous days are still very fresh in the hearts and minds of those emergency service volunteers that were directly involved during that sweltering February day.


There were so many trees brought down and the task of removing them still goes on

Trees that had come down during the disaster and later, were brought to a central area to be cut . Volunteers from a number of units including Chelsea, spent the weekend of the 5th and 6th of May working to assist the people of Kinglake to clear the area.


Working together to get the job done


Volunteers from many units were involved

It was great to see the response from volunteers from so many units, gladly giving up their weekends to help with the clean up that has gone on for such a long time. This weekend was the 3rd trip for many of the volunteers and another is already in the planning in an effort to complete this massive task.


The log mountain


He has a huge job ahead of him


Vehicles, equipment and of course; volunteers

VICSES ensured the infrastructure was in place to give the volunteers everything they needed over the weekend.


A well earned rest at the end of the day

Late on the Saturday afternoon, with a huge amount of work already completed, a weary Chelsea crew headed for home for a well earned rest, but little did they know that they weren't finished yet.


The Bundoora intersection that resembled a war zone

Driving back to Chelsea from Kinglake, as Chelsea Rescue 1 approached an intersection in Bundoora, it very quickly became apparent that all was not as it should be.


Chelsea Rescue 1 blocks the road following the collision

Members used Chelsea Rescue 1 to block the road and members checked the drivers while other emergency services were called in. A silver BMW had collided with a blue sedan at the intersection with the BMW reportedly rolling numerous times and coming to rest at a power pole.


The highest marks on the tree are from the rear wheels of the BMW hitting it

Amazingly, the drivers of both vehicles were checked by Ambulance officers at the scene and although they were both transferred to hospital, they had no life threatening injuries.


Amazingly the driver of this BMW was not seriously injured

Both cars were extensively damaged in the collision. Eventually the team made it back to Chelsea with the rest of the journey being thankfully uneventful only to head back the next day to do it all over again. A great job by all involved and a great initiative to help the people of the Kinglake area, well done everyone!

Very special thanks to members Deb and Steve for the great pictures!

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