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FloodSafe Week 2012

Chelsea Team Spread The Word


FloodSafe Week 2012's message is that it is NEVER safe to enter flood waters

FloodSafe Week 2012 is an initiative of the SES to focus on awareness of the do's and don'ts in situations where you may find yourselves in the path of flood waters.


At Southland, SES had a display and members to get the message across

There is still a misconception within a large part of the community, that major flooding only happens in rural areas. Anyone who witnessed the flooding around the Chelsea area in February of 2011 can testify that urban ‘Flash’ flooding is a very real threat indeed.


Chelsea member Steve spreading the FloodSafe message

When an area is hit by flash flooding due to a major storm event, the SES are usually under immense pressure with multiple requests for assistance from the community and as such cannot always attend as quickly as they would like. One of the FloodSafe messages that Chelsea SES are spreading this year, is to try to give you the information you need, to enable you, to help yourself until SES can get to you.


First stop on the Bunning's FloodSafe tour; Keysborough

This year Chelsea SES has partnered with Bunning's Keysborough and Mentone to spread the word about FloodSafe Week. Chelsea Community Education Officer, Allan Crompton, coordinated the appearances at the Bunning's stores to demonstrate some of the things that people can do to help themselves in the event of a flood. It was also an opportunity for Bunning's customers to pick up Home Emergency Plan information as well as other literature relating to staying safe in Flood situations.


Tam from Bunning's Keysborough handing over this donated radio

At the Keysborough warehouse, activities coordinator, Tam, handed over a fantastic radio which will be used as a prize in a competition soon. Chelsea also were able to give away a Home Emergency Kit generously provided by the store.


Next stop, Bunning's Mentone

It was an indoor affair at the Mentone store as once again the team passed on the important messages of FloodSafe Week.


Allan recruited this band to entertain the audience before the demonstration


Audience members young and old getting to grips with the FloodSafe message

Obviously, one of the biggest concerns for the SES is people continuing to enter flood waters either in vehicles, or on foot. If those people had any idea of the dangers involved, or the fact that in many cases they are not simply entering water, but water mixed with anything from oil and petrol to raw sewage and the fact that debris and open drains below the water line can have you off your feet under the surface before you know it, would they still do it? Many times we have even witnessed parents encouraging their children to play in the water, DON’T DO IT!


Allan, Hans and Bruno during the sandbagging display

For example, if during a major storm, you become aware that water is building up and has the potential to get into your home under doors or windows, you can slow the process through some simple methods with a small amount of prior planning. Similarly, if you have a slopping driveway and water is getting into your garage, again, there are things that you can do as a stopgap until SES can attend.


Even the experts at Bunning's were keen to check out the Home Emergency Plan

Bunning's prizes were given away to audience members during pop quiz questions during the demonstration and then everyone sat the FloodSafe Week quiz to win the Home Emergency Kit.


Audience members completing the FloodSafe quiz


Morgan from Sandringham won the Home Emergency Kit donated by Bunning's

It was great to see one of the youngest members of the audience win the prize for being the first correct entry drawn from the barrel. We would always encourage families to include the younger members of the family to in the Home Emergency Plan and the putting together of the Home Emergency Kit.


Young Brendon received this special prize for his great answers

Every year, SES volunteers rescue dozens of people from flood waters, who knew exactly what they were doing, until they realised that they didn't, and by then it was too late.Please, don't let it happen to you! If you would like any information regarding FloodSafe Week or the Home Emergency Plan booklet, they can be found at the Chelsea Library or contact us through the  website. Check put what the press said HERE.

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