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This is why Chelsea SES needs to win this vote, our last mannaquin has departed

Now that the battle for votes has been completed in Canberra, it’s time to vote for something really important right here at home, yes that’s right, YOU get to have a say in this vote! Chelsea SES is very excited to announce that they have reached the final 10 community groups vying for a grant of $10,000 in the Bank of Melbourne – Herald Sun’s The Local Project. Voting opens today, 27/02/2012 and closes on March 16.


Casualty handling is an important part of the new SES members training

Chelsea is trying to obtain the grant to purchase a series of Mannequins for use in the ongoing training of their members. The mannequins are used in many ways to simulate various rescue scenarios where a casualty is involved, either trapped or injured where they have to be transported from a dangerous location to safety.


The more lifelike the mannequin, the better the training exercise

Although there are situations where a member volunteers to act as casualty, more often than not, there would be the possibility of real injury if anything went wrong and so the mannequins are brought in. The unit is looking to purchase a number of different styles of mannequins including a child as well as adults. These mannequins are not the standard that you see in a dress shop window; they have articulated joints enabling them to be placed in lifelike positions that would reflect possible injuries and they are waited to ensure as much realism as possible.


We need different types of mannequins to simulate every situation


Mannequins are used for vital training for SES members

To vote, you must be a member of Face book and you will need to go online to complete the voting process at this address; http://www.facebook.com/BankofMelbourne?sk=app_301328976587192 and follow the prompts. The voting for our category of Community ends on March the 16th so you need to get busy and start voting now.


Help us to help you

If for some reason you find yourself in a position where you need Chelsea SES members to assist you and they have to transfer you as a casualty out of a dangerous spot, the training that you help to provide with these mannequins could make your movement just that little more comfortable and that must be a good thing.


You don't need to be a dummy to know that your vote is important


The Bank of melbourne are Co-Sponsors of The Local Project

Thanks must go to the Bank of Melbourne and The Herald Sun for supporting such a fantastic initiative in making available the funds that are so badly needed by so many organisations


The Herald Sun are the other Co-Sponsors of The Local Project

Chelsea SES is always there when you call, and now, you can help us with your vote. Forget Kevin and Julia, now it’s time to have your say; so vote 1 Chelsea SES

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