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Trees Down in High Winds

Chelsea Heights trees come down


Wayne Cheshire's Ute under the tree in Enterprize Avenue

Just before 11pm on Sunday night (01/08/2010) Wayne Cheshire heard a loud crack outside his Chelsea Heights home.



The tree damaged the bonnet and windscreen of the Ford Ute

When he went outside to investigate he discovered that Melbourne’s windy weather had claimed another victim, his white Ford Ute was under one half of the tree on the nature strip in front of his Enterprize Avenue home. Mr. Cheshire, an owner driver courier, said “I guess this means I’m going to have to take an unpaid holiday while the Ute is repaired”.


Woops! There goes another one!

Chelsea member Phil Wall was first on scene and found that one half of the tree had come down across the front of the Ute damaging the bonnet and windscreen,  and once it was clear that nobody was inside the vehicle, he started taking some pictures of the scene. “I was taking some shots for our records and heard a creaking noise and the next thing is, the other half of the tree came down close to where I had been standing, completely blocking Enterprize Avenue”.


The dead nature strip tree snapped at the base in the high winds

Chelsea Rescue 2 arrived shortly after with 3 members on board and the job of clearing the tree from the Ute and the road was underway.  Half an hour later and the job was done leaving Mr. Cheshire to assess the damage and Chelsea members to head back to LHQ.


Chelsea Rescue 2 arrives on scene


The Melbourne windy weather claims another victim!

However, the nights work wasn’t over yet; around twenty past Midnight another call, another tree down blocking a road. This time it was Chelsea Park Drive in Chelsea Heights where another nature strip tree was blocking a section of the footpath and roadway.The guys were back in Rescue 2 and on scene shortly after 12.30am and soon had the offending tree cleared. With the wind still howling and the rain getting heavier, we all thought we were in for a long night, but luckily the pager stayed silent for the rest of the night as did the members from Chelsea SES.

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